Waqar Zaka’s gift of Rs. 1 million to Arshad Nadeem

Leading host of Pakistan Showbiz Industry Waqar Zaka has gifted Rs 1 million to Arshad Nadeem, an athlete who has excelled in the Tokyo Olympics.

Well known host Waqar Zaka had promised in a private TV show that he would give some of the money he earns from social media to Arshad Nadeem.

Host Waqar Zaka arrived in Lahore from Karachi to greet Arshad Nadeem on his return home, where he gave Rs. 1 million as a gift to Arshad Nadeem as promised.

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Waqar Zaka also shared these memorable moments with his fans through live streaming on his Facebook page.

“Social media makes so much money that we can support our people. Our neighboring country (India) has made a lot of announcements for its athletes but I don’t want you to rely on the government,” he said. ۔ ‘

“I’m giving them this money to encourage other athletes,” he added.

Addressing the athletes, Waqar said, “You guys take out the Olympic records from Google and make a list of their targets. If you are eligible to get them, the whole nation, including me, will support you.”