We will cooperate with the countries that help Afghanistan, Mullah Amir Mottaki

Afghanistan’s interim foreign minister, Maulvi Amir Khan Mottaki, has said he is grateful to countries that have helped Afghanistan. We will cooperate with the countries that help Afghanistan. The United States treated the Afghan people very shamefully and inhumanely.

He said that the Asian Development Bank and the Islamic Development Bank are requested to provide development assistance to Afghanistan.

Addressing a press conference in Kabul, interim Afghan Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi said that funding should be restored for the completion of unfinished projects in Afghanistan. Donor countries are also requested to provide development assistance to Afghanistan.

“Afghan nationals with the required documents are allowed to travel abroad,” he said. 

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The interim Afghan foreign minister said that the Islamic Emirate fully cooperated in the evacuation of foreigners from Kabul, including the United States. Instead of praising the Taliban, the United States created problems by freezing our national assets. The international community, including the United States, must know that the policy of anarchy will not work.

“The Taliban are the rulers of Afghanistan, a fact that must be acknowledged by all,” he said. Negative and biased policies regarding the recognition of the Afghan interim government must end. 

Mullah Amir Muttaqi said efforts would be made to repatriate Afghan refugees abroad. The Geneva World Conference welcomes the countries that have announced their support. Funds provided by donor countries will be channeled from the Afghan Bank to the beneficiaries. 

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He appealed to the international community to help with health, education and urban infrastructure. Hopefully, the international community will not make aid to Afghanistan conditional on political ambitions. International organizations that left their projects unfinished in Afghanistan should complete them. Entrepreneurs and investors start their own businesses, make a profit themselves and benefit the people. 

The interim Afghan foreign minister said the country would do everything possible to resettle the homeless in their areas and homes.

He said it was not necessary to include former government ministers in the broader national government. The previous government will abide by the trade agreements reached in the interest of the Afghan people. We are grateful to all friendly countries, including Pakistan, for providing assistance to the Afghan people. 

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“There are no risks to domestic and foreign investment in Afghanistan,” he said. Welcome huge investment from China. 

Mullah Amir Muttaqi said that humanitarian aid should not be associated with politics. Domestic and foreign investment will provide employment to the Afghan people. Afghan citizens who have gone abroad can return safely and with dignity.

He said those traveling to or from Afghanistan should have travel documents.