What did Yashma Gill say about women’s rights?

Emerging actress of Pakistan showbiz industry Yashma Gul while expressing her views on women’s march and women’s rights said that woman is a beloved creature of Allah so Allah Almighty has given the responsibility of her protection to man.

Recently, actress Yashma Gill gave an exclusive interview to a web channel in which she discussed other topics including her career.

Expressing her views on women’s rights in the interview, Ishma Gill said, “If Allah Almighty has given man the status of being the protector of women and responsible for their sustenance, then it means that women Allah’s beloved creature is’

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He further said that “woman is the beloved creature of Allah, therefore Allah Almighty wants her to be safe and someone to be responsible for her sustenance.”

The actress said, “Therefore, it is obligatory for a woman to take equal care of her husband according to the commandments given in the Qur’an.”

Addressing the men, Yeshma Gill said, “If you want your wife to take care of you as if she is fighting for you, then there are orders for you to give her such an environment first.” That a woman loves you so much and that she does all this for you.

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Explaining her point further, the actress said, “Everything she just said is in the Quran but people don’t go into the depths of it. People just want to see everything according to their own beliefs.” They look good.