What were the conditions inside the plane when it left Kabul? The woman told everything

As we all know, the Taliban have formally declared their rule over Afghanistan.

While the Taliban were busy conquering Afghanistan’s provinces, there was chaos in other cities.

In such a situation, the President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani had also fled the country leaving his people helpless.

Ever since the Taliban regime, Americans living in Afghanistan have been running around packing their belongings and fleeing, a video of which has gone viral on social media.

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There were reports of about 800 people on the flight, one of whom gave an interview to a private channel about the flight.

“I hurried to the airport with an Afghan passport and a British driver’s license because my husband and children live in the UK,” she said in an interview.

“Things were quite calm because I was relieved to see everyone on board, but I was personally sorry for those we left behind. I wanted to help those Afghans,” she said.

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Hasina Syed said that the British soldiers helped us to board the plane, they were helping everyone including the children, we were provided food and water, the children were crying badly in the plane, including me. Everyone on the plane was crying.