Where did 4 lakh come from except the slain Rangers officer ?, investigation started: Karachi

The Rangers officer who was killed in Liaquatabad area of ​​Karachi was fond of making friends with teenage boys. Apart from finding the body, Rs. Showing.

According to the police, the real motives behind the murder of 31-year-old Irfan Siddiqui, a Rangers official at Liaquatabad No. 4 Furniture Market last night have not been revealed yet. However, the police have denied the element of terrorism. The suspicion that the officer was killed for resisting during the robbery is also fading.

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According to police, the suspicion is growing that the murder was a personal dispute. According to police, Rs. 429,000 cash, a pistol and two mobile phones were recovered from the possession of the slain Rangers official.

According to police, Irfan Siddiqui lived in a rented room in a one-room quarters adjacent to an imambargah near Liaqatabad No. 10.

Irfan, who hails from Chakwal area of ​​Punjab, was killed on Service Road, Hakim Ibn Sina Road, Liaquatabad No. 4 Furniture Market, within the limits of Supermarket Police Station.

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According to the police investigation, an eyewitness to the victim’s friend denied killing the resistance during the attempted robbery. According to police officer Yaqub, who escaped during the shooting, they were about to call the two teenage boys to spend time in the quarters.

That night, they had called two boys. One of them, a boy named Hamza, had arrived while the other boy was waiting. Meanwhile, two suspects on a motorcycle arrived and took out their weapons and opened fire. According to Yaqub, he ran away and returned to the injured Irfan after the accused escaped. A boy named Hamza had also run away.

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According to police, the fugitive Hamza is also being searched. According to the police, they are also investigating where the cash of Rs 4 lakh came from. Why didn’t he join Rangers duty even after staying in Karachi after the holidays.

According to the police, they are also investigating whether the victim had any connection with any criminal group.