Why are we falling short of our standards? Question of Noman Ijaz

Noman Ijaz, a senior actor in the Pakistan showbiz industry, has commented on the current world situation, questioning why we are falling short of our own standards.

Senior actor Noman Ijaz, who is more active on social media and garners praise from fans by sending meaningful messages, has shared a new photo on his official Instagram account.

The photo shared on Instagram is of a scene from a play by Noman Ijaz in which he is wearing a hat.

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Noman Ijaz captioned his post, saying, “I wonder why this thing is already so high when no one will belong to anyone on the Day of Judgment.”

“Why are we falling short of our own standards,” the actor questioned.

It should be noted that meaningful messages of Noman Ijaz are not only liked by Pakistani fans but also loving messages are sent from India for the actor.

In this regard, a female fan from India had sent a loving message to Noman Ijaz.

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Commenting on Noman Ijaz’s post, an Indian user named Raza Khan wrote, “I am a big fan of yours and even though I am Indian, I have never been a fan of any actor before you.”

Responding to the respect and love of the Indian fan, Noman Ijaz thanked him and said, “It is an honor for him to be a fan of India.”