Why did Omar Sharif’s wife Zarrin Ghazal have to spend many hours in police station in Germany?

Actor Omar Sharif and his wife Zarrin Ghazal, who traveled to the US in an air ambulance, had to spend at least four hours at a police station near Nuremberg Airport during a stopover in Germany. The air ambulance was to make its first stopover at Nuremberg Airport in Germany after departure from Karachi.

According to his doctor in the United States, Tariq Shehab, the company decided to extend the stopover due to fever and fatigue of Omar Sharif during the long journey. For further medical examination, the air ambulance company admitted Omar Sharif to a hospital in Nuremberg.

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Omar Sharif’s companion in the air ambulance, his wife Zarrin Ghazal, did not have a German visa, due to which she could not leave the airport and could not take care of her husband in the hospital. If he needed an emergency visa, he had to turn to the police.

During the lengthy visa process, Zarrin Ghazal spent about four hours at the police station near Nuremberg Airport. After a lengthy procedure, Zarrin received an emergency visa from Germany and was rushed to a hospital by her husband.

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Talking to Jang correspondent, Zarrin Ghazal said that the air ambulance would leave for Iceland with Omar Sharif on Wednesday morning.