Withdrawal of US troops and equipment will be a priority in the last days of the evacuation, General William Taylor said

The Pentagon has said that the US military will continue to evacuate people from Kabul airport until the August 31 deadline, but that evacuating US troops and military equipment in the last days will be a priority.

The United States will not be responsible for the security of Kabul Airport after the withdrawal of US troops.

According to US Army General William Taylor, one plane is flying from Kabul Airport every 39 minutes for evacuation.

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US Army General William Taylor said in a news briefing that more than 10,000 people are currently waiting for the evacuation from Kabul Airport in Afghanistan. He said that 90 American and other international flights will evacuate another 19,000 people in 24 hours. Was made

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said 4,400 Americans had been evacuated from Kabul so far and that withdrawing US troops and military equipment from Afghanistan in the last two days would be a priority.