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Woman abused us and no one else: Islamabad Police

The woman abused us and no one else: Islamabad Police



In the F-11 area of ​​Islamabad, a video of a woman in a car talking to Eagle Squad personnel went viral, with Islamabad police saying that the woman was abusing us and not anyone else.

The video shows the woman insulting Eagle Squad personnel.


According to police sources, the woman started insulting the officers when she stopped the car.

On the other hand, a case of insult to police personnel was also investigated.

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Islamabad police officials have completed an investigation into the viral video on social media.


Islamabad police stand that the policemen were not insulted, the woman was abusing the other party standing near the policemen.

Islamabad police also said that after the car and motorcycle accident, there was an altercation between the two sides, the police reached there on the call of the women, later the two sides reconciled.

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