Women’s rights contractors

After the Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan, some countries became upset because they faced humiliation and disgrace in Afghanistan. This disgrace could have been exacerbated if Pakistan had not joined hands. 

In the most troubling moments for the Western countries, Pakistan showed its traditional generosity, facilitating the Western countries in the most difficult situations and evacuating their citizens safely from Kabul.

Many countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, became grateful to Pakistan. Some came to Pakistan to make a practical demonstration of gratitude, Pakistan’s military and political leadership became very important. The United Nations also joined the petitioners.

In all these circumstances, a country was constantly crying, its media was also screaming, the day General Faiz Hameed set foot in Kabul early in the morning, India’s anxiety was indescribable, although General Faiz Hameed invited the Taliban Shura to visit. But what is also true is that when people were fleeing from Kabul, there were dangers everywhere, in these circumstances no foreign important figure could even think of going to Kabul.

In such a difficult situation, a Pakistani general showed courage and went to Kabul. He may have visited the shrine of King Babar there and told his grandfather that his sons are still exemplifying bravery. 

The general of the Pakistan Army drank a cup of tea in Kabul and a fire broke out all over India. Anyway, the pictures of tea have become a teaser of India. They had not yet forgotten the taste of Abhinandan tea when another picture of tea came from Kabul. 

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Since India has a tea-drinking prime minister, tea alone adds to the country’s woes. The Americans are just worried about their defeat and the loss of capital, but India is worried in many ways. Tea is just a reference, India’s tears are not stopping when trillions of dollars sink.

His beloved Ashraf Ghani ran away. Why is the world praising Pakistan? Officials from many important countries are visiting Pakistan and we have no one to ask. The Indian state thinks that where our servants have escaped from, a Pakistani general is going there and sipping tea.

Even in Pakistan, some political parties, which have the ghost of India on their heads, have also sniffed the snake, they have not said a word, the hopes of some have been so shattered that their members now have a place in other parties. Looking for, two or four even contacted this humble person to somehow make our place. I don’t know who has bothered a Kabul?

On the current situation in Afghanistan, some of our indigenous liberals are very worried about what will happen to women and children after the arrival of the Taliban in Afghanistan. They are very concerned about women’s rights. 

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I wish these people were worried about the rain of gunpowder on Afghan women and children, they don’t remember the rights of women on the oppression of Kashmiri women, they don’t remember the rights of women even when the Israeli soldiers killed the Palestinian women. Let’s desecrate, they are killed.

These rights contractors remain silent on child abuse in Palestine, they do not remember the women of Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen whose children are killed in front of them, who are oppressed in a world of helplessness. They don’t even remember the rights of women who are thirsty for food and medicine. 

They could not remember the rights of Afghan women when they were being displaced, when they were killed in the streets, when their homes were occupied. 

Our indigenous liberals forget Kashmir, Palestine, Iraq, Syria and Yemen when it comes to women’s rights, they don’t even remember the women who were abused in India and the United States, the oppression of women. Both of them have the first two positions, but these wax liberals remain silent on all these facts. If their silence is not hypocrisy, then what else?

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I have in front of me a picture of people from western countries, this is an important conference, it is considering women’s rights in the current situation in Afghanistan, this conference for women’s rights is also attended by a single woman No, this is the case with the beautiful masters of our native liberals.

 The rest of you are aware of what these people call women’s rights. International contractors are worried about the rights of women who have slapped all contractors in the face in Kabul in support of the Taliban. 

Afghan women say they feel safer during the Taliban regime, we wear clothes that uphold high traditions, why are women’s rights contractors worried when we have no problem? ?

Our indigenous liberals also have a problem, they are afraid of any government with high traditions, they have great attachment to India and pro-Indian political parties, they also have a problem with pakistani army, they like the injustices of the world but There is a fear of justice. In such a situation, the contractors are worried about the Taliban style of government because the color of their parties will disappear. In fact, this color is the right of women for them. 

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