Production of the world’s largest and most expensive aquarium in Abu Dhabi

The world’s largest aquarium in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is in the final stages of construction, which will open next year in 2022.

This will be the latest addition to attract people to the UAE. It is said to be the largest and most expensive aquarium in the world.

It is said that 64% of the work of this aquarium has been completed so far.

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It will have 25 million liters of water and will house 68,000 sea creatures, including sharks, schools of fish, montanaris and sea turtles.

The CEO of the project, Mohammad Abdullah Al-Zabi, said that his organization is very happy to build this Sea World Park, which will be the next generation Marine Life Park, while in the UAE it is a major aquatic research center and animal. Will also act as a caregiver.

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