World’s oldest penguin, Mochica, dies at Oregon Zoo

Oregon: The world’s oldest penguin, Mochika, has died in the US state of Oregon.

According to the details, an old penguin Mochica, who lives in Oregon Zoo, decided to undergo euthanasia a few days ago to get rid of the pains of life due to old age.

Mochica, who puts a smile on people’s faces in the United States, was 31 years old and unable to walk. The penguin also had a vision problem due to old age, with cataracts in one eye. And the other eye was weak from old age.

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According to the zoo’s management, it was the world’s oldest male penguin living in zoos and aquariums. Liked to be with

For some time, his health had suddenly deteriorated, and he was given medication as well as laser therapy, but his pain did not subside.

According to the Oregon Zoo administration, global efforts to save the birds will continue after Mochica’s death, with only 12,000 pairs of Humboldt penguins now found off the coast of Peru and Chile.

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