Written agreement between Balochistan Chief Minister and angry members, political crisis averted for 15 days

QUETTA: The political crisis in Balochistan has subsided for 15 days. A 15-day written agreement has been reached between Chief Minister Jam Kamal and angry members of Balochistan Awami Party. Opposition is hopeful for the resignation of the Chief Minister. The conciliation committee was somewhat successful in resolving the differences between the angry Awami Party members and Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan. A written agreement was reached between the angry members and Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan. In the meantime, the reservations of all the angry members will be allayed, development schemes will be launched in the constituencies of the members, disbursement of funds to the unelected representatives will be stopped and their ministry will be returned to Sardar Saleh Bhootani, Member Provincial Assembly.

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